it’s coming…

Apologies for the low out put this month, between me covering Fright Fest and Ed going on holiday, August flew by with little time to do much other than run around like zombie chickens.
Regardless, it’s been a good month and we have some great things happening soon.

Occupy yourself with this teaser on The Quietus for Monday’s film extravaganza, Hausu.

Also, I cannot contain my excitement for the release of this bit of glorious 80’s throwback creepy horror, The House of the Devil. See it alone, at night, during a thunderstorm.


3 thoughts on “it’s coming…

  1. hello guys, great cinema club and it was fun watching it – absurd movie you happen to have the soundtrack? i am just asking as i had fabulous music, and after we watched the teaser for the next event and you draw the winners, the music sounded like the main theme song from the movie. was it really or was i just hallucinating? thanks anyways!

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