6 Million Light Years Beyond Reality!!!!

While the US was farting about with Cap’n Kirk and his pointy eared mate Spark, Japan was busy setting Ultraman on giant outer space monsters intend on flattening the small island nation.

Come the 70s, Ultraman and the spin offs were everywhere and not getting tired.
Next on the black was Kamen Rider. Halfway through season one, Kamen Rider One injured himself, which is a bit lame for a cyborg. But fear not, he was joined by Kamen Rider Two. Who admittedly looks strikingly similar, but they didn’t have a lot of time to plan.
by the time Kamen Rider V3 appeared on the scene, this surprisingly darker ancestor of the Mighty Morphen Power Rangers had made Hong Kong terribly jealous of their lack of superheroes.

What should we do, Batman?
Call in the Shaw Brothers!!!

Who delivered unto the world, China’s first, and for all intents and purposes, last, super hero – Super Inframan!!!!

Come join us on 3rd May, Bank Holiday Monday for the attack of the Princess Dragon.

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