The Woman Theatrical Release

The time is upon us. Finally The Woman sees it’s theatrical release, a huge hit at Frightfest, and pretty much every festival it’s screened out since it’s premiere at Sundance earlier this year.
Having seen this twice and looking forward to seeing it again at the Prince Charles this weekend, I can promise you that it genuinely gets better each time.
Passed fully uncut with a strong 18 certificate, make no mistake, though it’s paced and thoughtful, it’s a harsh and shocking journey.
I nipped into the screening at Frightfest, catching the build up to the climax only to find a Frightfest volunteer head in hands and back to the screen mumbling something about “How can you like this? This is terrifying…” – I shit you not.
Rough Trade East’s own Spencer Hickman reviewed it for us in July – Here
I covered it for The Quietus – Here 
Tickets and screen times for this weekend’s Prince Charles screenings – Here 


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