Ashtray Dirt

A collection of various news bits wafting past us…. 

A trailer has finally dropped for the new Ben Wheatley film A Field In England, alongside a stunning new quad poster. Shot in beautiful black and white, it promises some stellar performances from its cast and a trippy journey into their psyche as they dig up an unknown treasure trove. If Wheatley’s track record is anything to go by, this has brilliance written all over it and is a strong contender for one of the best British films of the year. The Civil War feature stars Wheatley regular Michael Smiley (Down Terrace, Kill List), Reece Shearsmith (Psychoville, Burke & Hare, Him Indoors) and Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh, Nathan Barley) and is released on July 5th simultaneously in cinemas, on DVD, on free television and on VoD…

V/H/S/2 (aka S/V/H/S), the sequel to last year’s anthology film VHS, has also seen its latest red band trailer released. Featuring aliens, suicides, exploding bodies and unforseen forces, if the pace of the trailer is anything to go by than it should be better than its predecessor. With so much featured in the trailer, it does beg the question how much of it really is spoiler free? With an impressive list of directors at the helm (The Raid’s Gareth Evans, Blair Witch Project‘s Eduardo Sanchez and You’re Next‘s Adam Wingard), it looks like one picture worth checking out…

vhs 2

Japanese director Takashi Miike is returning to the horror genre with his next feature, set to focus on the Japanese ghost story and play Yotsuya Kaiden. Miike, who was in Cannes promoting new film Wara No Tate, has yet to title his new project but it sounds like it will blur the lines of reality and nightmare, having a couple play the fictional lovers at the heart of the Yotsuya Kaiden story and seeing the effect it has on their relationship…

Meanwhile, Rob Zombie has announced his possible retirement from the horror genre. Speaking to The Phoenix New Times, Zombie is quoted as saying, ‘No. I’m not really thinking of doing anything . . . Lords of Salem is my last sort of horror-genre related film for a really long time’. Depending on the truth of this statement, it might not be a bad thing…


A new one sheet has debuted for the latest James Wan (Saw, Insidious) flick The Conjuring. Based on a true story, The Conjuring tells the tale of two paranormal investigators helping a family troubled by a dark presence. Starring Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor and Vera Farmiga, the feature is released August 2nd…

A second trailer has dropped for Edgar Wright’s next feature The World’s End. Reuniting with regulars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (also co-writing), the film see’s five childhood friends get together to finally do the epic pub crawl they never completed years ago, only to find their home town might not be all it seems. With robots and a touch of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers  about it, the trailer does feel a little spoilerific but we’ll have to wait until July 19th to find out…


Finally, word on the street is that the new Poltergeist remake might also be a reboot/sequel, a la the recent Evil Dead film. With Gil Kenan (Monster House) on board to direct, Sam Raimi producing and shooting due to start this September, the feature will apparently be set in the ‘same universe’ with another family after help when their daughter is abducted by spirits. No release date yet but casting calls are underway…

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