Cigarette Burns & the East End Film Festival 2013

The annual East End Film Festival returns to the capital this month and Cigarette Burns are pleased to be a part of the Secret Societies Screening on June 29th. We’ll be showing the giallo The Perfume of a Lady in Black at the Masonic Temple at the Andaz Hotel on Liverpool Street alongside films chosen by Titan Press, Electric Sheep Magazine and Strange Attractor Press.

CB’s own Josh Saco has summed up the screening perfectly; Perfume is one of those fantastic films, that you hold for a particular moment. Like that bottle of wine you have saved. But when the EEFF present a Masonic Lodge as a screening room, you now it’s time to open that bottle.’.

Mimsy Farmer loses her mind like only she can, in all her gorgeous madness, as the world plots against her. Will she win? Will she lose? Will she be the unwitting victim? Like Polanski’s Rosemary, she becomes increasingly tangled in a world of wrong, with no escape…

Event details and a link to purchase tickets can be found here.


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