Ashtray Dirt Vol. 4

Hot on the heels of last weeks Friday The 13th news comes the confirmation from Warner Bros. that a complete collection of the franchise will be getting a Blu-ray release this September (guess on what day?!). The studio gained distribution rights from Paramount which will see all twelve films released together for the first time, plus lots of bonus material (official artwork below). Rumours are also bounding around that Paramount are pushing hard to get a sequel to the 2009 remake in production with Platinum Dunes apparently on board to produce…


A UK trailer has dropped for the film You’re Next. Directed by Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way To Die, V/H/S), the film will now be released on August 30th…

An Indiegogo campaign is currently underway for Zombificador, an anthology horror film which will see Herschell Gordon Lewis return to directing. Starring Todd Farmer and Bill Moseley, details of the project can be found here

Tom Hardy is attached to star in Takashi Miike’s The Outsider. The film will be the Japanese director’s English language debut…

Finally, and for a bit of fun, a new Suspiria themed bar has opened in Tokyo. Cambiare, an Italian bar and grill, has decor lifted and inspired by the Dario Argento film, the perfect place for first dates and good nights out…



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