The Devils Hour – ‘The 3.07AM Project’

To celebrate the US release of James Wan’s The Conjuring, VICE magazine teamed up with the film to commission four shorts by four horror directors inspired by the time 3.07AM. The results are interesting and can be watched below. The best of the bunch are This One For The Lady by Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, ABC’s Of Death segment A is for Apocalypse), an eerie teeth related horror that makes your molars ache, and One Last Dive by Jason Eisener (Treevenge, Hobo With A Shotgun), a claustrophobic thirty second clip that visualises my dislike of diving quite eloquently. Max Landis’ segment is one of the weaker of the last two, an interesting idea that needs more than thirty seconds to unravel itself, whilst Ti West’s short proves he hasn’t quite caught the hang of making shorts that are as effective as his features (cough M is for Miscarriage cough…). Either way its a good four minutes or so that certainly gets you hungry to see The Conjuring which opens here on August 2nd…


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