Gregg Araki’s ‘Nowhere’ (1997)

The third in director Gregg Araki’s ‘Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy’, 1997 release Nowhere makes its way to DVD thanks to Second Sight. Self-described by Araki as ‘an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 on acid’, Nowhere won’t be to everyone’s taste but it a great watch none the less. WIth its lack of straight narrative, Araki explores a day in the lives of a bunch of teenagers; sexually promiscuous, lingo-savvy, drug taking school skippers who seem to know a lot about alienation and the dread of impending adulthood.


At times, it’s a lot to take in, especially the cast with its principal players (James Duval, Rachel True and Nathan Bexton amongst a heap of others) and some great cameos (Shannen Doherty, Traci Lords, John Ritter, Beverly D’Angelo to name a few). That said, it all works well, and you get a real feel for who are friends and the nature in which you only know some people by who they’re sleeping with or the name of your mutual drug dealer (or maybe it just reminds me too much of experiences in my own bitchy all-girl high school…).


Ultimately, it feels more about the teen angst struggle of how life isn’t fair, whether that’s being sold cut drugs, being seriously assaulted or having to share your bisexual girlfriend with someone else even though you have bisexual urges too. Nihilistic, fast-moving, lonely and, at times, embarrassingly funny, Nowhere is an enjoyable ride and a reminder of how special your teenage years can really be. There’s something in there for most people, even the alien subplot which surprisingly feels totally not out-of-place. Oh, and there’s the kick ass soundtrack. A solid four out of five.


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